Cheap Reprints of Munro’s Coins of Japan

Please do not get fooled by those modern reprints of this book. A few printers just make copies from books available on-line. Others disbound either an original edition or reprints, make Xerox copies, and bound them Kinko style with paper covers. Still, others make copies of copies and sell them. That is public domain for you.

If one wants to read up on scarce subjects, that may be the way to go. I guess having a copy, even a lousy one, is still worth it. But a CD? I don’t think I wanna read a book using my PC. Reprints are one thing, but CDs? Kindle? I’m sorry, but I prefer not to spend $10 on Kindle book if I could get a nice hard covered book for $20.

I wanted to update my world coin catalog so did a little search on it. By the way, I am still using my two-volume Krause that came out in the mid-80s. This is the best book ever on world coins. As a contributor on Japanese cash coins, they sent me a free copy back then. After looking thru some Krause Publications, I noticed some books only come in CD format. I have to be really drunk to pay $50 for a CD book. So, I continue to use my two-volume book. If you own this book, I am sure you would agree with me when I say this book is the Bible on world coins.

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