Questions and Comments

Many people read this blog but nobody ever comments. That is how it is with blogs. But, many people write me with questions. I do not reply to those one-line questions like, "What can you tell me about this coin?" They get deleted. If you want me to spend my time answering your questions, you have to spend your time writing a well thought-out mail. I do not reply to those questions about struck coinage, gold and silver issues, or to cash coins of other countries. I know nothing about them.

If your question is about Japanese cash coins, please follow these guidelines. First, you need to address a person. If there is no salutation, I will not read it. I will just assume it was not intended for me. Second, you need to tell me what you know about the coin in question. Third, you have to sign your name. Otherwise, I would not know who to reply to. The above things are real basic stuff that we learn in grade school. E-mails are letters.

Comment from Eric, one of our readers: I am not experienced enough to offer any valuable comments, but I can thank you for putting in the time to make this site, and leave the pictures and descriptions up and available for your readers to study when there is time or when we have a questionable coin in hand. I often have questions, ( when I have time to look at my coins) and between this site and your book I can often find an answer. I also appreciate the offering for sale of coins that you have used as teaching specimens. Having the described coin in hand while reading the attribution methodology is invaluable. Thank you...

Just a question about translations, I have a vase with some writing on it that I would like to get translated. Dou you do objects other than coins?

Ye Editor writes: Thanks for your comments, Eric. I do list some coins for educational purposes. In the past, everytime I listed something new, one old post would disappear. I blamed this on new google thingy, but it was really my ignorance for not keeping up with the current trend. People say, "Dumb people are the happiest." Nobody ever accused me of not being happy! When I sell one cash coin, I am able to buy something else to list. The more I list, the more info I can supply to readers. Because I am able to archive now, old postings should remain on the blog for years to come.
As for your vase, if the writings are kinda modern, I can try. Just send me a good photo.