JNDA Authentication Service
In the early 80s, a friend of mine sent a few Japanese cash coins to ANACS. Those coins were no good. He knew that too. But when he got the coins back, they had a stamp of approval from ANACS. We just laughed. Since they never tell you who does the authentication, I figured there was John Suzuki in the backroom flipping coins: heads, genuine; tails, not genuine. Does anyone know if ANACS still exist, and if so, do they authenticate cash coins?

As for JNDA services, I also wonder, but because I do not know enough about them, I cannot comment. However, I do know that if a coin is not a known variety, they will not authenticate it, even if it is from the period. In other words, they will toss aside good, contemporary circulation issues if the varieties are not cataloged.

The problem with these certificates is that they can be reproduced and faked. If you hand over a sample to a jobber in China, the workshop will not only make a certificate for you but a coin to match it as well.

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