Cracker Jack Prize - Japanese Version

This type of Tenpo Tsuho coin is often termed "Glico Tenpo." Each Glico caramel box contained a prize, which came in a separate box attached atop the caramel box. It was something very similar to Cracker Jack prize, cheap collectible toy for children to enjoy. During the coin collecting craze of the 1950s, by collecting certain points, children could send away for a genuine Tenpo Tsuho. However, because of overwheming demand for the coins, the genuine coins soon ran out. Glico company was forced to make imitation Tenpo Tsuho.

The coin illustrated is not from Edo Period. It is from the 1950s. Yes, it does look genuine. How does one tell it apart from Edo issues? The reverse characters are deeply cut, and the coin is almost medallic in appearance. This is an imitation of Honza Kokaku variety. The Honza coin has filing marks; this coin does not. Good news is that this coin is worth a bit more than the genuine coin.