A Great Find
If you collect Japanese coins, I am sure you would be interested in all things Japanese. A few months ago, I found a very nice internet site where anyone could watch thousands of Japanese movies for free. The site is VEOH.com.

You need to download their program, which only takes 5 minutes or so. After you download it, click the icon, which opens the program, and then click search. You want to search in the VEOH box at the top, not Google or any other box.

Just type in the name of movie if you know the title in ROMAJI. If you want to browse, type in "j-movie," "jmovie," "japanese movie," "jdrama," "jdorama," "j-drama," or "j-dorama."

I have been watching the weekly Atsuhime on-line. It is about the last Shogun and his wife just before the Meiji Restoration. It is broadcast by NHK and about 45 minutes each show. Right now there are 23 shows available. Check it out. Although several people have posted this drama, one with Chinese sub., the best can be found by typing "athm." One drawback of this show is that since this is a long series, the story moves at a snail's pace.

Another fun movie is called "sengoku jieitai." It is about a modern day Japanese defence force that gets trapped in a time warp and goes back to sengoku jidai, where the battle of Sekigahara is about to take place. "Heavenly forest" is another good movie.

Also, a must see is "Grave of Fireflies." The non-anime version is available but has not been on VEOH yet. It is about two kids who go through hardship after the dropping of atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Yes, this is cartoon but like any other Japanese anime, it is so realistic. Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry!

NOTE: Sometimes the VEOH program does not work. In that case, go to their website and input the title of the movie there. The movie appears in a small screen as a clip. Hit the button that says "watch in Veoh," which immediately takes you to your VEOH program and starts playng the movie in full.

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