Not Cash Coins...Better

Yup, ain't no coins for sure. This is just a thin pamphlet printed in 1929 titled, "The Japan News Letter, Special Ferris Seminary Number" (of the Japan Mission of the Reformed Church in America). This is a "leaflet put out by members of the Mission in Japan and made it a special Ferris Seminary number." The Great Earthquake in 1923 destroyed the original building. This issue is a sort of commemoration of the new structure. It begins with, "So many friends in America and in othe places have had a part in rebuilding Ferris Seminary, and all have shown such an interest in the work that it seems best to share as much as possible of the joy of the accomplishment of the building."

This "leaflet" has 23 numbered pages, wraps, and a two-page glossy plates (photos) of "Dedication Services," "Alumnae Luncheon" with Dr. Booth as a speaker, and a "Musical" with "Dr. and Mrs. Booth in Left Foreground." Basically, this is a real uninteresting, thin pamphlet to most that makes no contribution to absolutely almost nothing. It is like chasing the final digit of "pie."

BUT, for me, this is a superb addition to my little collection of Yokohama Bluff material. First, the rarity of this item can not be overstated. WorldCat lists not a single copy of this particular issue, although it does show that UNION THEOL SEMINARY owns some issues from the 1920s. Furthermore, within this "leaflet" is a mention of Dr. Booth's son who lived in Kamakura at the time. I had illustrated a postcard earlier of this possible son with Ferris connection.

All of this investigative work is fun. A thought: I like the PBS "History Detective." There was a subject about a pair of African-American photographed with a dozen or so Civil War vets. The question was, "Who were they?" Elyse Luray took on the investigation. She saw GAR emblem on one of the head covers worn by the vets. She did not even know what GAR stood for! Perhaps she played a cat and mouse game for the viewers? It does not realy matter, as I watch that show to watch Elyse. Perhaps she may want to investigate one of my many unanswered projects.