Some Funky Cash Coins

I like the Hai-To Kanei because I like the Kanei series. This one is nicely made. It is a seed only issue. Just hoped it was genuine. If you know the real coin, the differences are obvious.

The large coin is supposedly a pattern for the Ryukyu 200 mon or Han-Shu. This pattern has been around since the Meiji period. Some authorities doubt it ever existed as a pettern, however. Perhaps it was created as a curio. This coin pictured is a copy of that curio.

Sendai Tsuho is a fun little square coin. Here I have 6 little coins. All are in copper or seed. Can you tell which one/ones is/are BAD? HINT: the only way you can tell is if you know what the three varieties look like, Sho-Yo, Chu-Yo, and Tai-Yo.


Dave said...

Of the hundreds of coins that I have dug here in Okinawa, I have never found a Okinawa coin except for the Hotome-sen

ME said...

I don't think they ever made any other coins there.