Can Someone Date This Postcard by the Stamp?

I was sooo excited when I found this postcard. The police station card I illustrated some time ago is very tough to find, but this one here, I believe, is one of the key rarities of early Yamate or the "Bluff" Yokohama. I kinda think this card is like 1910 or so? But since I don't know a thing about postal marks and stamps, I am only guessing. The card is written in Russian so I figure it is slightly post Russo War, 1904-05. Any stamp collectors out there who can date this?

I am always looking for early Yokohama stuff, especially the Yamate or the Bluff area where Munro used to live and work. Always interested in the schools of that area: Sancta Maria, St. Joseph's College, and Ferris school for women. Can trade my cash coins or buy outright.

NOTE: Bill writes, "The stamp is from the turn of the 20th century. If my memory serves me right, it is from the stamps series known as the NEW KOBAN and was released sometime around 1899 to 1910(?). I used to also collect Japanese stamps, but gave it up to concentrate on the Kanei coins. I relooked at the postcard and I believe (again if my memory serves me correctly) that is postmarked October 1908. The Japanese postmark was done on Oct 1, 1908 ( 8 - 10 -1) and the Russian one is on October 5, 1908 (8 - 10 -5)."

The date of this card is interesting. The location of the school from 1904 was 85 Bluff in which Munro occupied until 1901. I believe this card is the earliest surviving image of the school. I am lucky to own it. Although I do not believe in fortune-telling, one fortune contained in a fortune cookie said, "You will accomplish many things this year."

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