Which Coin is a Fake?

Can you spot which coin is a fake? Or are they both real? Or are they both fakes?


Anonymous said...

The 4 mon piece. It should not have more than one connection point from the casting process. The color also looks unusual.

ME said...

That's a genuine coin. It has one branch piece from casting. The other that looks like it is actually a defect. The color is correct. It was just rubbed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply.

I will try again.

The Sendai piece is a fake. The "Ho" width to height ratio is too large (i.e. the width is larger than the genuine item).

Side note: I just purchased your "History and Guide to the Copper Cash Coinage of Japan" this past week (arrived yesterday). Thank you again!

ME said...

Since you bought my book, I will say you are correct on this one.

Seriously, there is nothing about this piece that is right. All the characters are wrong. The texture is all wrong. Absolutely all wrong.