Showa Shoho (Antique Sen)

The coin on the left has been listed before on this site. A new one came on the market, which is the coin on your right. Both of these reproductions are very nicely made. In fact, they are scary! Obviously, the two coins were cast from the same mold. There are telltale signs, which I used arrows to point. Caveat emptor!


Silver Eiraku Tsuho

This often comes up on eBay from a seller in China. The seller also has a Kaigen Tsuho in silver. These items are cute to have as reference pieces.

Unusual Japanese Yokohama Postcard

Sometimes I spend hours looking at offerings of Yokohama postcards. Most cards are of common sites, and they appear time after time. However, this card is very scarce. As a child, I remember going inside this station. It was about a block away from where I lived. By the late 60s, the police station relocated to a new building, which was only a few blocks away at a place called Kominato. There used to be a military housing in that area with PX, commissary, bowling alley, movie theater, and a school for the gaijin brats called Kinnicks or Yohi. Just a thought.


Which Coin is a Fake?

Can you spot which coin is a fake? Or are they both real? Or are they both fakes?


More Better Fakes from China

These are all repros. They look nice.

Pewter Tenpo Tsuho Seed Coin

This item is from Yahoo Japan auction. It brought about $1,100 US dollars with very active bidding with 22 bidders.