Very Nice Reproductions of Antique Coins

These coins are well made imitations of the twelve antique coins. They even have wear and tear. Obviously, these coins were never buried for any length of time. They scarcely resemble the patina being buried for over 1000 years. You may argue that they may have never been buried. This argument is a very good point to consider. There are some coins without any hard patina having never been buried. Many coins, however, are recovered from Biwa Lake in Japan. Those coins have sedimentary patina, which was acquired from being under the water for 1000 or so years. Others have iron oxide patina, and still others have other types of patina such as calcium deposits depending on the chemical make-up of the soil. I am sure these imitations have some value. From their looks, I can say for sure that they are not contemporary to the period. Were they made in the last several years to fool collectors? I believe so. How does one attach values to these? They are good looking and attractive but still not genuine. If a collector is of good means, whatever that collector can afford to pay for them is a start. For someone with average means, perhaps $10-20 to keep as reference pieces. The initail price is determined by how much someone is willing to pay. The real value is determined by how much one can get for them when selling. It's a funky thing for sure.