Neil Gordon Munro and Me

This is a real funky stuff. We all know Munro wrote the best work on Japanese pre-Meiji coins, “Coins of Japan” in 1904. Yet, very few know that he was a medical doctor dabbling in anthropology and archaeology. His research on Ainu and stone-age implements are major contributions. However, we know very little about his medical practices.

We know he loved Japan and married a Japanese woman. He had his medical practice in Yokohama. From 1897-1901, he rented an office space at 85 Bluff, Yamate, Yokohama. However, he moved to 91 Bluff in 1902. I just realized I walked the same footsteps (same physical address) as Munro. The construction of a school, St. Joseph College, was underway at that physical address. The school moved to its larger quarters in 1904 from 43 Bluff.

I attended St. Joseph College for years. I can just imagine Munro working on his book in his office prior to his relocation to 91 Bluff. AND what a coincidence that the school moved there in 1904 and Munro publishing his book the same year. This is totally mind-boggling!

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