Rare Kanei Tsuho Saka-To Variety

This dark brown coin with powdery green patina appeared on Ebay. It is currenty being offered at "Buy Now" for $40. The other coin with light brown, coppery color is from a Japanese auction, which brought about $1200.

The Ebay coin is very nicely made. It has a good, period patina that one often sees with Kanei Tsuho coins. The characters are well-formed. If genuine, this coin is worth $3000+ in this condition. However, it is too nicely made, and there are very minor differences in how the characters are formed. On a genuine specimen, the top of the reverse character leans to left; this character on this coin does not. The left character 寶 on this coin leans slightly left; on a genuine coin the character is written straight. The very top of 寛 , a single, vertical stroke, is written at an agle; this stroke is straight on a genuine piece. The top of 通 (マ)is also different.

This coin is very attractively made, and it may just well be worth $40 for its workmanship, as long as others do not pop-up.


Anonymous said...

Aren't the waves on the reverse very unevenly spaced? Look at those at 9-11 o'clock to the left of the hole. Not impressing workmanship in my eyes.

ME said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with the wave spacing. To my eyes, it is very nicely made.