Another Saka-To Seed Coin?

This image came from a Japanese auction. It realized $6000. Is it genuine? Doesn't it look quite similar to the fake coin illustrated below? What do you think?

Fake Ryukyu Kinen Seiho ?

This coin was sold in Japan as a replica. Could it be a genuine coin that has been highly burnished? What do you think?


Me Trying to Attribute Coins

This is an original drawing by my wife. It was done about 20 years ago. I don't remember ever looking like that.


Rare Kanei Tsuho Saka-To Variety

This dark brown coin with powdery green patina appeared on Ebay. It is currenty being offered at "Buy Now" for $40. The other coin with light brown, coppery color is from a Japanese auction, which brought about $1200.

The Ebay coin is very nicely made. It has a good, period patina that one often sees with Kanei Tsuho coins. The characters are well-formed. If genuine, this coin is worth $3000+ in this condition. However, it is too nicely made, and there are very minor differences in how the characters are formed. On a genuine specimen, the top of the reverse character leans to left; this character on this coin does not. The left character 寶 on this coin leans slightly left; on a genuine coin the character is written straight. The very top of 寛 , a single, vertical stroke, is written at an agle; this stroke is straight on a genuine piece. The top of 通 (マ)is also different.

This coin is very attractively made, and it may just well be worth $40 for its workmanship, as long as others do not pop-up.