Fantasies of Odabe

Ichiro Odabe

Probably the most famous maker of fantasy pieces during the Taisho Period was Ichiro Odabe. He had an unusual imagination and made many fantasy coins of excellent quality. They are all fine pieces and attractive; he had a fine casting technique too. Lately, since his fantasies are widely recognized and collected, many inferior castings are flooding the market. These secondary copies should not be mistaken for originals, which have no value. He never restricted himself only with fantasies and made fine copies of Tosa Kanken and Tosa Tsuho.


Unknown said...

Where please is the article that I could read about this fantasy coin maker of the past who made copies of the 2 Tosa family clan provincial coins ? Any info. on the 8 different Tosa coins produced would be great to read and archive please. Thanks much , sincerely from a serious Japanese rare to scarce coin collecter Kenneth. I have 7 of the 8 produced Tosa coins that were made.

ME said...

Odabe is well known to those Japanese cash collectors in Japan but scarcely known here. I found about him in 1984 and wrote about him in the club publication of mine, which lasted for 4 years (16 issues).

Tosa coin copies have been made for over 100 years. Many are still being made today to catch unwary collectors. One has a better chance of seeing an unicorn than coming across genuine Tosa coins.