Ancient Silver Coins of Japan?

Ancient Silver Coins of Japan?

There have been sporadic illustrations of the so-called silver discs in old Japanese numismatic literatures, and the discs were surrounded with mystery, as only four specimens were known to exist. The research and study, not to mention the actual viewing of the four specimens were rare. However, in 1940, eleven silver disks surrounding a small chest were found in Shiga-Ken, Otsushi. According to some numismatic researchers of the time, the discs were attributed as simple ornaments or funeral offerings.

The measurements are as follows:
1) 8.8g….30.2mm
2) 35.6g…39.5mm
3) 10g…...30.5mm
4) 9.6g…..31.6mm
5) 8.8g…..31.6mm
6) 9.5g…..30.6mm
7) 8.2g…..28.1mm
8) 9.2g…..31.3mm
9) 6.7g…..30.0mm
10) 8.9g…..29.2mm
11) 10g……29.4mm

Some matters are too easily dismissed. Since the ten specimens average 9grams, these discs may have been used as currency. The heaviest disc weighing 35.6 grams was likely sliced into thinner pieces as this specimen is not holed, and the weight differs considerably from the rest.

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