Rare Japanese Paleoliths Paper by MUNRO

Rare Paper by Neil Gordon Munro

Munro’s writings are very difficult to find. Especially so are the papers he wrote for The Asiatic Society of Japan. This particular work is titled, “Reflections of Some European Palaeoliths and Japanese Survivals.” It was published in 1909 for the Society as pages 126-158 including twenty-eight full-page plates on glossy stock.

Although this work has nothing to do with numismatics, it is, nevertheless, quite interesting to read. WorldCat lists only one other holding, so it is safe to assume that this title is very rare. Someday, if lucky, 1905 edition of the Coins of Japan may fall into this hand. Does anyone know the circumstances surrounding the 1905 edition?

Rare Seiko Tsuho

This is a rare variety of Seiko Tsuho called Migi-Yori-Sei-Ko (See the article below for discussion). This particular variety is worth about twenty of the common ones.