Illustrated is a Kanei Tsuho coin from 1668. This coin was filed on the obverse and the reverse. Some farmers, during a drought, made a representation of an umbrella by using a file. They donated these coins to a local temple, saisen-bako. Did they work?

I owned six or seven such coins over the years and probably saw another five to ten coins for sale. They were all Shin Kanei Tsuho. It is likely that this "creation" was only limited to a handful of villages and only during certain period. Some have filings on obverse or reverse only. These coins are legitimate "post-casting" variety and collected as such. They retail for about $20 for a common undertype. Of course, if the undertype is a scarcer type or a variety then the price will reflect that.


Anonymous said...


Here is Ko Kanei Tsuho Amagoi sen?

ME said...

Yes, it is Amagoi-Sen.
Very tough to find!